Monthly Archives: September 2012

I’m back!


I know, I haven’t posted all summer.  It’s been a really rough summer for me, physically and emotionally.  We’ve had lots of fun and sun, friends, family, joy, sorrow, loss and pain, discouragement; but most of all, we’ve squeezed LIFE out of this summer.  It didn’t turn out the way I expected, but it turned out and here we are at the other end of it, alive and happy and fuller than we were before 🙂  I love my crazy, strange life.

I’m not going to write much, but leave you with another’s musings.  This sums up the feelings I have felt this summer, but also, I think, describes much of my life.  Enjoy!  I love this author’s ability to weave haunting, lonely feelings together with hope and beauty.  I find that these things so often go hand in hand.  Be blessed through the healing moments of this poem.

Gutter Flower By Eric Blauer

Come, all of you flowers in the gutter,
Wanderers, vagabonds, moral hitchhikers with no place to go, but forward.
You can throw away your broken rearview mirror now,
Toss it out the window, we’re never going back.

Liars, thieves, molested and molester, burned out, dropped out or kicked out…
you’re welcome here.

Gutter flower, your beauty is lily-like,
resurrections glistens on your face,
You are searched for, precious fragrance of earth,
Heaven’s worn a crown of bloodstained thorns,
to see your rising.

Bruised or broken,
Used or forgotten,
here you are gently found.

Drugged out, phased out, split up or chewed up,
Here you can stand up again.

Calling all gutters to give up the flowers,
Angels are gathering eternal bouquets,
Littering the place of His dwelling,
With hidden beauty.

You are wanted,
Gutter flower,
You are,
His delight.