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So, we became the proud parents of a lovely boy last Friday.  My neighbor had called me earlier in the week and said that her friend had three roosters and would I like one.  Now, my well-meaning neighbor has been after me to get a roo since we moved in, lol.  We happily resisted until our (failed) batch of eggs that we tried to hatch.  We have now all (including my hubby, who was the most resistant to the idea) come on board, full steam in the urban chicken farmer train.  This is going to be fun!

Also, we went to Big R (the local farm store) and actually looked around with more purpose than “wouldn’t it be nice to someday have….”  Yes, we made an official trip to a farm store to purchase (in the very near future) actual equipment for our little urban homestead.  Isn’t it exciting?!

So, without further ado, meet our little boy (hatched on March 15th, so he’s a young’un).  There is some debate on whether he should be called Raven (his given name) or Blue Feather (his potential adopted name).  I will keep you all updated on the details as I know them.

And, here he is:

Here are our lovely girls (our boy likes older women ;))

From back to front:  Snowy, Shadow and Sunshine

We had a bit of a tussle when Raven (I’ll just call him that for now) first moved in.  It was fascinating to see him dominate so quickly.  Each of the girls took turns performing their best kung fu moves on him.  Seriously, it was like some kids action movie where the bad guys all stand around in a circle and attack the good guy one by one.  After a bit of wing flapping and flying chicken feet, he grabbed them each by their combs in turn and laid them on the ground.  The ladies didn’t come anywhere near him for awhile.  All he had to do was strut and crow and they couldn’t get out of his way fast enough.  They got over it pretty quickly, it seems cause we heard some interesting noises coming from the chicken coop later.  Bowchickawowow.  I think we might have some babies before too long.


Fog and Rain


So, Freecycle is a place where you can post your unwanted items and have someone else pick it up.  For free.  You know the old adage “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”?  This is definitely the case here.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve gotten some really cool stuff off of Freecycle.

Just today we drove up to the Mt. Spokane area just to pick up an antique wood incubator.  It was about a 45 minute drive.   But I loved every second of it.  Joe and I have always loved to get in the car and just drive.  So to drive 45 minutes just to pick up an incubator that doesn’t even work, for some might be ridiculous, but for us….pure enjoyment.

After we picked up the incubator and a few other items that we thought would be useful/fun for the kids, we headed up the mountain.  The rain and fog added a mysterious element to it.  Once you got up the mountain, you could only see a few feet out and then it was all fog.  What was out there?  Did some wizard cast a mysterious spell on the land?  Did the dragon come out to play that day?  Fog is wonderful.  I remember riding the bus to school on foggy days in Maine, you literally drive in and out of the fog.  It is so thick, like the fog you see in the movies.  I would pretend, each time we entered the thicker portions of the fog, that it was a portal to a new world and when the fog broke apart again we had entered an enchanted land.

Last night, a thunderstorm blew in suddenly.  I opened the kids’ windows and sat with each of them for a few minutes and listened to the pounding of the rain on the roof and the ground, smelling that smell that only comes with a thunderstorm.  When we lived in the Seattle area, I missed the ability to love the rain and I missed thunderstorms.  I have always loved the rain, but hated it over there.  And I hated it because it rained all the time and I hated it because it made me hate it.  It was always cold and damp and seeped into everything.  Moving to Spokane has given me my love for the rain back again.  Because it’s not all the same dreary, dark, dank, seeping, cold rain.  Sometimes it is light, like a whisper.  Sometimes it is loud and booming.  Sometimes it is quiet and soft.  Sometimes it rains for days on end.  Sometimes it rains for a few minutes and the sun comes out and the birds sing again.

Rain and fog.  Fantasy and reality mixing and mingling, dancing on the imagination, bringing together two worlds.

Being a girl isn’t so pretty



I opened my hair color package last night to color my hair, and this is what I was greeted with.  It seemed like the tubes and bottles just kept coming and coming.  What happened to the cream and the colorant?  Really?  Do I have to do this to my hair.  Well…yeah, cause I really, Really, REALLY like red hair.  I didn’t get done last night because I ended up cleaning the bathroom, but I WILL have my red hair back.  I’ve been planning on doing this for months.  I bought the dye about six months ago and just opened the package last night.  I’m hoping that it won’t be another six months before I actually get to it, LOL.