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New Beginnings


So, my best friend/housemate is moving on to bigger and better things.  She has a fabulous opportunity in the DC area and I’m so proud of her and excited for her.

But I’m sad too.

See, she’s lived with us for two years now and I’m going to have to adjust to her not living here anymore.  She has been a wonderful asset: faithful friend at my lowest point, confidant, surrogate auntie for my kiddos, cook, Japanese linguistics corrector (read, Japanese grammar and pronunciation Nazi :P), self-esteem picker-upper and so much more.  I tell her almost everything.

It has been fun having her live with us.  She’s fun to tease, but she can dish it out as well as she can take it.  She loves Asian food, especially Japanese.  We have been known to break out in song for just about any reason at all.  If you say something that is even the slightest hint of song lyrics, we’re apt to sing it.  If I had to choose a song that was “our song” it would have to be Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.  That song fits just about every life circumstance you can think of.

We’ve had our moments.  She’s like my sister and as much fun as we have together, we fight sometimes too.  The best thing about her is that she loves me even when I’m being a pain in the booty as she so appropriately puts it.

I’ll miss her cackle as she’s partaking in a hearty laugh, one of her favorite things to do, I think.  I’ll miss our forays to Fred Meyer where we say and do silly things, garnering strange looks from the local shoppers.  I’ll miss teasing her about hot guys and the way she blushes when she actually sees one.

As sad as I am, I know that this is for the best, for everyone involved.  Our little family will go back to being just us.  I gain an extra bedroom and the kids are ready to sleep upstairs next to Mom and Dad again.  I feel inspired to create a schedule for the kids’ schooling.  I am back to writing again, and I am going crazy making lists and creating a budget.  I’ve been inspired to start remodeling.

So, good, bad, or indifferent, change is coming and while I may be sad about it, I’m also excited about it and looking forward to it.  As with any grieving process, some days are better than others.  Some days I feel lonely and I miss her already, others I am anxious to move on and get going with the changes.  The day will come when she is really and truly gone, but until then, I will enjoy whatever time I have left with her as I can.  And I hope that this post doesn’t embarrass her too much 😉


A Happy Disaster


So, this past Saturday we finally got around to having a birthday party for our youngest.  In our defense, we did have a family party for her on her actual birthday and we had just come back from vacation at the time of her birthday, so there 😛 for all you naysayers who might say we’re bad parents (well, we are sometimes, lol, but that’s beside the point).

I was so proud of myself.  Usually the way our parties go, we’re still decorating the house and the cake by the time the first guests arrive.  I planned the party at a park (mainly so I didn’t have to clean the house), we bought the decorations ahead of time, and I actually managed to make the cake the night before.  All we had to do was get up in the morning, decorate the cake, throw the decorations in the car (which I also managed to pack ahead of time),  and arrive at the park an hour early so we could snag the gazebo.


I had to make two batches of frosting, I’m so proud, I actually got them to match colors without even trying!!!  Booyah!!!

As we got ready to go, we realized we were short some balloon weights, and since we had gotten a helium tank to fill the balloons, that was kinda necessary.  So, I left my hubby to finish the cake and little miss and I ran to the dollar store and got some cute little island palm tree decorations to tie the balloons to.  Since she wanted tiger/jungle theme, these were perfect!

This is what I came back to:


My hubby is a master cake decorator.  Soooo cute!!!!


She loves it, mission accomplished!


Had to take a picture of the cute happy face.  I love making my kids happy.

We carefully packed up the cake and the kid, she was thrilled to carry her cake from the house to the car and did a superb job.  After a close call with the dog, she knew we were going to the park and wanted to jump into the car (fortunately the kid and cake weren’t in there yet), we got them both packed snugly into the car and I went off to find the rest of the kids so we could take off.

Just as I was making it back to the house, the dog took off for the neighbor’s house (phew! close call again!), I grabbed her and the neighbor wanted to give her a treat, so I waited patiently for her to come back, treats in tow.  I got Maia back to the gate and was directing her into the house, when she suddenly changed direction and made a beeline for the car PARK! PLAY! and off she went.

A blood-curdling screech arose from the car and I realized a split second too late that I had left the car door open!  Disaster!  Dog 1, Cake 0.  The poor girl didn’t stop crying until we got to the park.  This mother’s heart was broken for her and I yelled at the two boys whom I had been after in the first place to get into the car (who, by the way, knew perfectly well that we were leaving when they saw me arrive home from the dollar store) for about twenty minutes about personal responsibility and using common sense and being where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there so I don’t have to come looking for you.


We tried to fix it, but it just wasn’t the same 😦  RIP Tiger cake.

We didn’t make it to the park in time for the gazebo, which further infuriated me and incurred a fresh rain of lecturing upon the now-contrite boys (hey, like I said, sometimes I’m a bad mom).



Almost all of her friends showed up…


Everyone ate cake and enjoyed it…


And she got lots of presents.

The kids all went off to the playground to play with one another (no, I didn’t play party games. hey! it was all I could do to get as much as I did done!).

There were some more birthday girl tears about her friends wanting to play with some boys who had brought water bottles and everyone was having a water war, but all-in-all I think she had a great time.

In the end she told me it was the Best. Party. Ever!  I guess it could have been worse, and if she’s happy, I should be too.  It just wasn’t perfect.  But I’ll have to be ok with that 🙂

God of Grace: Urban Liturgy, a response from the truth of Galatians.


Written by Eric Blauer

God of grace, save us

Save us from….ourselves.
Save us from…each other.
Save us from…yesterday, today and tomorrow.

God of grace, save us.

Save us from…the our wrong paths.
Save us from…being more good than we should.
Save us from…being less good than we can.

God of grace, save us.

Save us from…trying to earn Your love.
Save us from…the pressure to perform.
Save us from…trying to fit in.

God of grace, save us.

-Eric Blauer 5.20.12

I believe this sums up my struggle as a mother, wife and any other role I try to take on as a woman.  It is a beautiful portrayal of life and letting go.



Wow!  So, it’s been a week and a half since my last blog.  I promised myself I was gonna write more!  Ah well, life gets in the way, and this week it certainly has!  I normally don’t get to blog on Wednesday and Thursday nights because DH is on his weekend, so I naturally try to spend time with him, instead of being glued to my computer 🙂  However, this weekend I received some news (that I won’t go into here, for various reasons) that put me out of sorts more or less.  Needless to say, it has been a very emotionally traumatizing week for me.  I’m actually still recovering, but I have come around well enough to come back to my dear blog 🙂

In spite of my emotional roller-coaster, I *did* manage to FINALLY squeeze some time in to go and visit a dear friend of mine, Wendy, at Casa la Crazy (a befitting name, if I do say so myself, lol, obviously we fit in quite nicely).  This is what happens when you are finally able to get together after a YEAR of trying!

You never can get all of the kids to look decent, so I figured they might as well just do what they naturally do anyway, lol!

It has been a crazy year for both of us.  I am so very glad that we were finally able to hang out.  There was a lot of laughter, an inordinate amount of crazy kid screaming and a few tears, but all in all, a great time was had.  I can now chalk Wendy up to being one of my best friends and can’t wait to go and visit her beautiful and peaceful home (what? you don’t think it can be insane and crawling with kids and peaceful?  well, you haven’t been looking in the right places!).

Tilling the Garden


Well, I promised myself that I wasn’t going to be in the sun today, after having been in the sun all day yesterday, and waking in the middle of the night feeling sick and dizzy.  Life had other plans for me, though.

I had called a friend who offered to rototill my garden a few weeks back.  I was unable to have him do so at the time, since the bed wasn’t ready.  Well, I managed to get some work done on it this weekend and so I called him today.  There was still a pole to be removed and a large wooden crate thing leftover from where the chickens used to be, but I figured it might be a day or two before he could come.  Oh no, he had time today and wanted to do it, which was totally awesome.  Little did I realize how much effort that the simple pole (or so I thought) would take to remove.  That thing was a beast!  It took me probably two or three hours and the assistance of my children and a couple of friends to get that fiendish pole out of the ground!  But, it is gone and my garden is tilled and my planties are waiting to find their way into their new home 🙂

This is Tom, from my church and from my neighborhood.  He graciously offered to come over today with his rototiller to plow up my dirt.  He thought it would take longer because it seemed hard and rocky, but he punched it right out and got it done in next to no time.  He even told Caleb that he might let him do the tilling next year.  Oh boy!

My little garden area, waiting to be planted.

Look at all of that lovely, luscious dirt!  I wasn’t sure what I would end up with, but this dirt looks very rich and smells fabulous!  I was afraid that it would be dry and rocky, but, as you can see, it is not.

This bench isn’t ours, it belongs to the family that lived with us over the winter, but the kids put it there this afternoon.  I think it looks quaint, so I’ll keep it there until the family comes and gets it 🙂

The sunburn saga


Well!  It has been a day!!  I probably won’t say much tonight because I am exhausted.

So, my day started out not-so-pleasantly when I woke up and realized that I didn’t get my trash out, so I ran out to take care of that, in my pajamas (yes, I do my best to fit in here in the ‘hood) and barefooted.  The barefoot part was not such a smart idea as I promptly ran over my toe with the trashcan, peeling the toenail back nicely.  I won’t go into gory detail, but you get the idea.

But, my day proceeded to get better.  We had a nice, family breakfast of cereal and prayed for Daddy as he was off to take his finals this week (HOORAY!!!!)  I then sent hubby off to class for his first of three finals (after making him drive us over and get coffee, since we ran out of milk at breakfast).

I spent the rest of the morning reading Voyage of the Dawn Treader to the kids while monitoring the dogs in the front yard.  They had been chomping at the bit to escape and finally got their chance when the kids were bickering over who was going to sit in the wheelbarrow.  We walked around the neighborhood for about twenty minutes and had finally caught them, when I realized that it was time to go to the park.

I am loosely affiliated with a local homeschool Yahoo! group and I had gotten an email yesterday stating that they would be meeting at the park in my neighborhood.  I have been unable to attend past park days due to me working on Mondays and more recently due to the theft of my husband’s car (@*$#@& car thieves).  So, I was delighted that they would be so close, since my kids have been begging to see all of their friends.  I’m glad I went.  The moms tried to make me feel welcome and the kids had a blast.  We are all now very red, but I feel happy to make my kids happy.  And my Buggy got to give two of her friends invitations to her birthday party, and as a bonus, she got to go to her best friend’s house and have dinner with her and her dad.  Mission accomplished.

We then finished up the day with dinner in a can (yes, we are so healthy around here), a couple of Star Trek the Next Generation episodes, and a couple more chapters from Dawn Treader.  Yup, it was a good day indeed.  I even managed to squeeze some laundry in at the end, go me!

Adventures in bedtime stories


So, I have been reading the Chronicles of Narnia to my kids at night and I am loving it.  I am reading the stories in the order that they were written and right now we’re reading the third book:  The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  I love that my kids are now old enough to appreciate these stories.

I remember when my mom used to read to my brother and me.  We read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings and the Dragonriders of Pern and the Chronicles of Narnia and lots of other stories.  I loved these times at night when my mom would read to us.  We would all get our tea and settle down and she would read.  We used to beg her to read “just one more chapter, please!!”  Sometimes she’d comply, especially if we were at the end of the book.  Other times we’d have to wait until tomorrow.  She read to me until the time that I left for the military, and I think that that was the thing I was going to miss the most.

Those were such special times to me and I always wanted to carry the tradition on to my own children.  I treasure these stories to this day, and I hope that my children will treasure them as well.  One day they will be too old for me to read to them any more, but perhaps they will remember these times and carry them on to their own children.  For now, my children are still young and I cherish each and every moment I get to spend with them, even bedtime stories.