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Food in the Gaps


You know what I think would be wonderful?  I would love to see all the empty or unused spaces in urban/suburban areas turned into gardens.  There is a large, empty piece of land that is owned by the city that is in front of my house.  It is currently grass that the city has to keep watered during the summer.  People run their dogs and kids play out there and whatnot.  I think that’s great, but I can’t help but envision that space growing wild with fruit trees and bushes and tomatoes and strawberries and zucchini.  Someplace like this:

The more I garden, the more I realize that food is abundant.  No one should ever go hungry.  It is sad to me that so many people in this world, and even in this country, go hungry.  Maybe I’m being idealistic, but I see how simple food growing can be and I think to myself, “hunger problems should not be!”  Notice I said simple and not easy.  Growing food does take a lot of patience and work and perseverance.

Last year I got overzealous and planted every seed in every packet that I bought.  It doesn’t take much for those little buggers to grow.  They ended up choking one another out because I had so many.  This year I was more conservative and I now have a nice seedling collection going that I can’t wait to get out and plant in the ground.  I’m so excited to see my little darlings take off and grow.  I have made many mistakes in learning the art of gardening, and I will probably make many more in the future.  Even so, I would love to share my knowledge with others and make this world a better place by teaching them how to grow their own food.  And with modern amenities like indoor plumbing and heating (during the winter) you could grow food almost year round!

Another thing that I find sad is how far we, in this country, have gotten away from the ground.  My husband likes to share this funny (but also sad) anecdote about how he was selling eggs on the side of the road and this lady came up to him and asked him if they were fresh.  He replied “Yup, they came straight from the chicken.” To which she replied something along the lines of it being disgusting and that eggs come from the grocery store.  As funny as that may be, you would be surprised at how many people don’t know these kinds of things!

Now, I realize that there are a lot of factors that go into all of these ideas, but hey, I’m a visionary, I just see what I see.  Details are for people like my husband who is very good at pointing out all the things that might or could go wrong with this.  For now, thanks for taking a ride along with me as I foresee a better future for hungry and needy people.  Or, just for my little backyard haven 🙂